Nickel City Smiler
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A documentary film about refugee resettlement in Buffalo, New York.

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Nickel City Smiler chronicles a refugee's fight for survival and hope in the American Rust Belt. The film takes a deeper look into the poverty and bullying refugee people endure in the US.


"…a truly pro-refugee documentary…" - Christopher Coen, Friends of Refugees

"A story of anguish and hope. … This is no sugar-coated version of the daily lives of refugees... in one of America's poorest cities..." - Gene Warner, Buffalo News

“This poignant film brings to life the obstacles our refugee populations are facing and has inspired us to begin creating an 'Adopt-A-Family Program'.” - Allison Davis, Teacher at Buffalo International School #45

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Nickel City Smiler is now available in iTunes. Watch it Now.

You can now find Nickel City Smiler in select Barnes & Nobles. If your local store doesn't have it in stock, ask them to order it for you.

The DVD is available at Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca, NY.

You can now pick up your copy of Nickel City Smiler at Record Theatre.


Since the release of the documentary "Nickel City Smiler" in 2010, a film that chronicles one brave Burmese family's fight for survival and hope in the American Rust Belt, interest in issues surrounding refugee resettlement in the Unites States of America is on the rise. While many documentaries and other information sources have attempted to increase public awareness as it pertains to refugee resettlement in America, many people remain unaware of the poverty and hardships refugees face upon arrival in the United States.



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